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February 7, 2004 by Pedromar

Una de las cosas que la lengua española tiene de dificil es su pronunciación.
Por ejemplo:
Lasletras "V" y "B", tienen el mismo sonido- el sonido de "B".
Algunas personas hablan de ina "B" larga y una "B" corta, pero esto es usado en pocos países.
No existe "SS" en español.
La letra "LL" puede tener tres sonidos distintos:
"LH","Y" o "J". La palabra "CALLE" puse ser pronunciada:
January 10, 2004 by Pedromar
Well, you can do a lot of things to COVER YOUR ASS when you do something wrong: You can lie, you can give an excuse and so on. The problem is that there are some people that DON'T KNOW THEIR ASSES FROM THEIR ELBOWS and end up in deeper trouble. Some bosses, for instance, HAUL ASS to blame an employee for something he does wrong and even though his or her employees BUST THEIR ASSES to get the work done he, the boss, still THINKS THE SUN COMES OUT OF HIS ASS. He basks on people that KISS HIS ASS. ...